24 September 2011

What Did I Watch Today: Quick Thoughts on Returning for Third Seasons and Second Episodes

Community s03e01 ("Biology 101") – good

Trannies, Monkeys, and Toys, oh my! What current actor does this refer to?

It's hard to get over my exuberant joy that Community is back! and actually analyze this episode, but that seems intended in its construction. It has some stylistic allusions (the opening musical number; the 2001 bit) but nothing that's really commenting on the story on a deeper level (like the My Dinner with Andre/Pulp Fiction episode) beyond just a pastiche. The story, too, does not really "go" anywhere — the group has a little tiff with Jeff but resolves it by the end; Pierce may or may not have been accepted back; Chang is living in the vents and the Dean needs money. The really only "plot" development is that Chang becomes a campus cop, and this lack of lasting story is actually sort of perfect for the first episode back: we're all too excited to analyze any deeply symbolic references, and just seeing the characters again is enough without introducing any big story arcs. So I'm glad to see you back, Community, and can't wait to watch what new innovative use of television airs next week.
-Cougarton Abbey! (Though of course Abed would have already heard of this.)
-"If I wanted to run a monkey hotel, I’d install a banana buffet. I’d use vines as elevators, I’d put tailholes in all the bathrobes, and I’d lower all the shower heads."

Up All Night s01e02 ("Cool Neighbors") – good

I should really get around to seeing Bridesmaids.

The ending verged on sappy in its requisite moment of reflection on being a parent (and with the Ava holding the baby scene), and the "trying to impress the new, cool neighbors" plot has been done before, but there were enough funny lines throughout to keep me interested, especially the musings on hipsterdom and doing things "ironically." I'm definitely adding this show to my weekly lineup.
-"Back from the hospital, turned out great."


  1. I like the lineup on community. I am a big fan of The Soup and was happy to see Kevin McHale in a vehicle that had to have been built around him.
    I still haven't watched Up All Night. A friend told me that she liked the show, except for Maya Rudolph's character. She didn't elaborate too much on that so I'll have to make that decision for myself.

  2. I've read that Rudolph's character was really changed/expanded after the success of Bridesmaids, and the scenes with her are often a bit awkward because they seem to have no place in this show about parenthood. I'm hoping that they'll learn to gel these two worlds a little better (the homelife, and the 30 Rock-like workplace where Rudolph is an Oprah-esque talk show host), but the show is consistently funny enough regardless. I'd recommend it.